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SOPGA Jr. Golf Rules School

SOPGA Rules School

The rules of golf can be complicated. It is important to understand how they work to ensure that you are following them, you can even use them to your advantage if you know them well enough. Before going into the specific rules, it is important to understand there are five specific areas of the golf course under Rule 2. These five areas are:

  • Teeing Area: this is the teeing area of the hole that you are playing
  • Bunkers
  • Penalty Areas: this encompasses both red and yellow penalty areas
  • Putting Green: this is the putting surface of the hole that you are playing
  • General Area: this includes all other areas of the golf course that have not be specifically listed above

Learn the Rules

Penalty Areas

Penalty areas will be found on nearly every golf course that you will play, so it is important to understand the differences between the two penalty area colors and how to proceed if you find your ball in a penalty area.

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Cart Path Relief

A very common situation that arises on the golf course is when a cart path interferes with a players lie, stance, or area of swing. Knowing how to properly handle this situation will help you stay safe while playing.

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Unplayable Ball

Sometimes during a round the best option for a shot is to not take it and take relief. Understanding how the unplayable ball rule works will ensure that you follow the rules and can even help you out of a tough situation.

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