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SOPGA Mental Performance Webinar

Sign Up Today for SOPGA Jr. Tour Mental Performance Webinar in Partnership with The Golf Room!

The Southern Ohio PGA is excited to partner with The Golf Room to offer junior members a free, 6-week course to improve their mental game! Sean Fee, Mental Performance Coach at The Golf Room is here to educate junior golfers on tangible mental tools and strategies, so they can performa their best in even the highest pressure moments both on and off the golf course. This course includes:

  • 45 minute webinar every Thursday with Sean starting February 22, 2024 going through March 28, 2024
  • Applicable skills both on and off the course for players to reach peak performance
  • Topics such as goal setting, body language, growth mindset, and much more
  • Follow up assignments for players to put these skills into place

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Improve Your Mental Game

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Juniors will go through an extensive course during their 6 weeks with Sean. On top of the 45 minute webinars, players will receive follow up assignments to continue to grow their game outside of the webinars. These assignments will include topics such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Acceptance
  • Visualization
  • Growth Mindset
  • Body Language
  • Optimism

On top of the on-course application, players will have the resources to improve their overall mental health. While competitive golf is at the forefront of what we do, the overall well-being of juniors golfers is much more important than tournament scores. This course will provide off-course skills that have positive effects outside of golf.

Meet Sean

Sean Fee is the Mental Performance Coach at The Golf Room in Dublin, OH. He earned his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership from West Virginia University. As a college wrestler at, Sean learned the importance of mental health and how it directly impacts athletic performance. His purpose is to work with athletes from the ground up to not only give them the tools to perform better, but to help them enjoy the process more along the way.

Questions for Sean? You can reach him at

The Southern Ohio PGA is committed to the all-around well being of all junior golfers. We are proud to offer you access to this course, free of charge through our partnership with The Golf Room.

Have questions for us? Please feel free to contact Junior Golf and Operations Manager Alex Heban with any questions at 937-637-9971 or