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Learn the Basics

Continue to develop fundamental movement skills and start to develop fundamental golf skills

Now it’s time to learn the basics, young golfers are continuing to develop fundamental movement skills and beginning to develop fundamental golf skills. At this stage, it is recommended to work with a local PGA Professional instructor to ensure your junior golfer is learning the correct fundamental golf skills.

Instruction by PGA Professionals

For more than 100 years, PGA Professionals have been the face of the golf industry serving as the recognized teachers and leaders of the game while promoting its growth passionately.

More than 450 PGA Professionals and Associates in the Southern Ohio Section are dedicated to creating an environment for the game of golf to thrive throughout Central and Southern Ohio. They have spent countless hours studying the golf swing and training in the best techniques to teach the game and create lifelong golfers.

To find a PGA Professional coach near you, click here.