Owen White

Tipp City, Ohio

Tippecanoe High School

Class of 2027

Owen White of Tipp City, Ohio had a fantastic season on the SOPGA Jr. Tour! Playing in 12 events, Owen finished second in the boys 13-15 Player of the Year Race. Out of his 12 events, he finished in the top-10 of his division in every event and added three wins on the year. White also earned his place on Team SOPGA for the first ever Junior Ohio Cup. Let’s get to know Owen White!

Q: Do you work with a golf coach? If yes, what is his/her name?

OW: Yes, I work with Gip Hoagland, PGA of NCR Country Club.

Q: What is your favorite golf course?

OW: My favorite course is Lockwood Folly Country Club in North Carolina. My dad grew up playing there so it holds a very special place in my heart. I have so many good memories playing out there with my family.

Q: What’s on your playlist right now?

OW: Right now it’s a mix of Morgan Wallen, Zach Bryan, and Drake.

Q: If you had to play a round of golf with only one club, what club is it and why?

OW: If I had to pick one club I’d go with my 7 iron. It’s really versatile and it’s definitely my money club.

Q: When did you start playing golf and what got you interested in the game?

OW: I started to get into golf when I was around eight years old. I would go out into the park behind our house and just hit balls and I started to really like it.

Q: If you could play golf with anyone, who would be your dream foursome and where would you play?

OW: My dream foursome would be me, my dad, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy. I feel like you have to play at Augusta National with how good it looks on TV.

Q: What was the highlight of your summer golf experience?

OW: The highlight of my summer would have to be taking first at the event at Canal Winchester. I was on the verge of qualifying for the SOPGA Jr. Tour Championship at Muirfield Village and that win guaranteed me a spot in that tournament.

Q: What do you like to do outside of golf?

OW: Outside of golf I like to do a lot of different things. I run track, really like to travel and spend time with my family, hanging out with friends, and playing Fortnite.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

OW: A fun fact about me is that I can do a handstand for two minutes!

Q: You just finished a tournament in first place, how do you celebrate?
OW: After a tournament win I like to go over my round with my dad and find what I did well and where I can improve to keep the good golf going.

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