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Spectator Policy

Spectators are encouraged to attend SOPGA Players Tour and SOPGA Junior Series events. Rules for the Spectators during events are as follows:

  1. Spectators are not to communicate with or give advice to any player during the competition. They are asked and encouraged to help search for lost golf balls, but must keep communication to a minimum in the process.
  2. Spectators may not carry a player’s golf bag and/or clubs.
  3. Spectators may carry food, drinks, umbrellas, and clothing items to give to the players, but should provide them to the players between the play of two holes.
  4. Spectator Carts will be determined by the host facility. Handicap carts will be allowed for those who have a handicapped parking permit. The spectator will be subject to the cart rental fee of the host facility. Carts must remain on the cart paths at all times.
  5. Spectators are to remain in the rough or cart paths at all times, and maintain a distance of 20 yards from the players.
  6. Spectators are not to use cell phones or beepers on the golf course. Spectators are asked to return to the clubhouse to use such devices. If needed in case of an emergency, spectators are asked to keep it on “vibrate” mode in order to not distract the players.
  7. Spectators are to remain away from the players when turning in their scorecards in the scoring area. The players are responsible for the correctness of their score.
  8. Spectators are also subject to the code of conduct policy.

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